Solid Waste Management

Bioremediation of old dumping site near Baghwati Nagar near River Tawi has still not started, nor the new site at Kot Bhalwal for setting up of solid waste treatment plant by Jammu Municipal Corporation has witnessed any progress despite elapsing of considerable period of time and thus having gone to the extent of disregarding the directives of the State High Court which in January this year had explicitly told the Jammu Municipal Corporation to start the process of cleansing the present dumping site in the city immediately.
The exercise was imperative as the birds feeding on the garbage were swarming the area posing hazardous threats for the aircrafts operating from the nearby airport in addition to putting the residents of the area to discomforts because of stinking and irritant smells dotting the area around dumping site. In summer and rainy season passing through the areas nearer to dumping site becomes almost unbearable. Despite the period of nine months already not utilized for the process, the JMC has failed to start the process of bioremediation of the existing area or a scientifically executed waste management technique even now.
Even otherwise, the Jammu Municipal Corporation is in dire need of undergoing performance related innovative exposures and to be “blessed” with a professional management besides finding ways and means to boost its financial strength which reportedly comes in its way. To be precise, to take up promising projects like the one under reference for which it should not see a short period bailout but on permanent basis a lasting solution.
It is hoped that the Jammu and Kashmir State Pollution Control Board which reportedly has extended its cooperation and support for the project and other necessary assistance which the State Government must extend, the desired bioremediation process at Bhagwati Nagar shall start shortly and Kot Bhalwal site prepared for the exercise of waste management.