Societal Development is the main aim of Space Technology: Ex-ISRO Chairman

Societal development is the main aim of space technology and ISRO is continuously striving towards achieving that goal observed Dr A S Kiran Kumar, Former Chairman, ISRO (Indian Space Research Oranisation).
Addressing on ‘ Space, Technology & Society ? Lessons from ISRO’ at the 77th WiseViews Leadership Conversations webinar series conducted by ICFAI recently here, Dr Kiran stated that India started its space operations ten years after achieving the independence under the visionary leadership of Vikram Sarabhai.
From 1991 onwards, the funding for the ISRO was gradually increased, he said that all the funds were judiciously utilized to design and develop various space research programs for societal development.
Owing to the innovative and robust space technology, India is today witnessing the rapid transformation in terms of the advancement of living style of the people, the renowned scientist said.
He gave the example of smart Set Top Box (STB) that has replaced the long TV antennas used in the early 1990s. Similarly, lots of other programs were designed by virtue of which we have not only strengthened our defence sector but also developed economically.
Dr Kiran , the Padma Shri awardee, also stated that India now has progressed remarkably in space research and many startups are coming forward to work in this area.
Answering a question during the session, Dr Kiran stated that it is unfair to compare the activities of NASA with ISRO because the former has started its operations much earlier and it also has the luxury of sufficient funding from the super power of the world. (UNI)