Social Distancing

Outbreak of COVID-19 an acronym for coronavirus disease which originated in Wuhan city of China has become a pandemic. The novel coronavirus that crept from China has involved whole of the world causing innumerable loss of lives. It is more devastating than the world wars which were fought traditionally among soldiers under the behest of their Commander. COVID-19 makes it distinct from the traditional war because it is being fought between the novel coronavirus and humanity at large. Such a situation had never before come in the annals of history where every person irrespective of his or her age had to wage a war. In our country, Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India has pioneered the crusade against the pandemic. The battle against coronavirus has undergone one day ‘Janta curfew’ followed by 21 days nationwide lockdown with sole aim of social distancing which is the only weapon to fight and contain spread of coronavirus. It is at this juncture that diversity of India, the second largest populated country in the world has come together vehemently to uphold the ethos of unity in the real sense of the word. Such an indomitable spirit displayed by our frontline corona warriors i.e. doctors, nurses, paramedics, policemen and media persons in particular and people in general in battling against the coronavirus will definitely root out the dreaded virus and emerge victorious very soon, provided we all maintain social distancing.
R.S. Chouhan,
Sub Maj (Retd.)
Rajinder Nagar,