So many complaints but no Vigilance Officers?


Why are not directions of the Central Vigilance Commission followed in respect of appointing departmental vigilance officers while ”heaps” of complaints are there requiring disposal with the Chief Vigilance Officers and Departmental Vigilance Officers at various Government departments? In fact, the Lieutenant Governor is on record having passed on directions in this regard but the same seem to be having not been complied with. We feel anything remotely connected with corruption and corrupt practices should be getting top priority of the UT administration instead of letting disposal of complaints and related issues get delayed and stretched only to go in favour of the suspected and erring officials and to give a sense of soft approach towards issues of vigilance. At least – within a week, a fortnight or even a month should be reasonably enough to deal with and dispose of complaints but no timeframe being fixed makes the entire exercise sans accountability and the objectives desired to be achieved under “Satark Nagrik” mobile App and Departmental Vigilance Officers’ Portal launched by the Lieutenant Governor. Internal vigilance mechanism in each department must be robust enough to gather enough inputs and information in respect of which official could be a potential perpetrator of a corrupt practice and thus indulge in corruption. Not only must such Vigilance officers be there in each department but their frequent transfers without immediate replacements must be avoided which otherwise defeats the very ambition of the Government of having zero tolerance to corruption. So, promptly, quite timely and dedicatedly complaints must be disposed of .