Smooth business of Municipalities


Any type of legislation, especially aiming at conducting establishments and institutions under a proper procedure and a laid down mechanism, would serve no purpose unless the left over part of the legislation, i.e making laws etc – was not done. Nearly 20 years ago, Jammu and Kashmir erstwhile state, had an Act passed in the legislature titled as Jammu and Kashmir Municipal Act . Due to absolutely non- serious approach and perhaps attaching little importance to Urban Local Bodies by the successive (State) Governments, real purpose and aim of the said enactment was not fulfilled. If it could be said that the issue in itself had perhaps been put at the back burner indefinitely, it would be no exaggeration. The most important left out and rest of the “job” to be done took place only recently and the UT Government deserves compliments for that as now, how periodic meetings could be held, how moving of resolutions, no-confidence motion against President or Vice-President, quorum of members in a particular meeting like main and most important functions and the ways of conducting business etc have been enumerated by framing of the requisite bye-laws. There could be certain utterances or remarks made by any member which were of seditious, treasonable or defamatory nature, and how to deal with such eventuality too has been lineated. Full and detailed guidelines and procedures are laid down, now, in the bye – laws. As such it could be expected that the ULBs in Jammu and Kashmir would find a well prescribed constitutional and legally established framework to function in and better performance could now be expected.