Smarting the border fence

The need to completely seal the India-Pakistan and the India-Bangladesh borders was long felt but the present dispensation headed by PM Modi has taken serious and concrete steps in this direction. Though, the process is going to take a few years more but the work has well begun under ‘Comprehensive Integrated Border Management System’ (CIBMS).
If the words of the Director General, Border Security Force are to be believed, the project on similar lines was scheduled to be launched this very month along the India Pakistan International Border in two stretches of 5 km each in Jammu.
This Smart Fence pilot project is aimed at plugging vulnerable gaps along India’s borders with Bangladesh and Pakistan. The aim of the project is to eliminate any possibilities of infiltration of terrorists and drug peddlers, illegal immigrants and other undesirable activities into this side of the “fence”. The technology is being tested in a mix of surveillance and warning system in Dubhri area of Assam and about certain devices too deployed there. The technology uses infra red cameras and radars.
The entire fencing with Pakistan was going to be brought under complete CIBMS which was going to take nearly three to five years. In Jammu, however, this project is decided to be made operational shortly which will go a long way in containing the infiltration of terrorists, arms, drugs etc  from Pakistan as the borders will get fortified.