Slaughter House still lies in Dogra Hall

Only 50 pc drain works done in Ward 8

Sanjeev K Sharma
JAMMU, Nov 27: While more than four years of the mandatory tenure of five of the elected Urban Local Body have passed, yet, the much awaited solution to the burning issue of shifting of a Slaughter House from front of a temple in Dogra Hall has not been reached.
Locals of the area claimed that Dr. Akshay Sharma, the elected Councillor from the area, which falls in Ward number 8 of Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC), had even included this issue in his election manifesto but he never made any effort to get the abattoir shifted from front of the temple.
“This has badly hurt our religious sentiments,” they further said.
However, Dr. Akshay informed that he made serious efforts to get the Slaughter House shifted, from its present place which is just in front of a temple to Nagrota, but the then MLA Nagrota protested along with his supporters against this due to which the shifting was affected.
He further informed that now the government is planning to move the entrance of the abattoir from front of the temple to somewhere else and a technology based Slaughter House is planned at the same place which will not disturb the religious sentiments of the people as not even a drop of blood will come out from the abattoir complex.
Dr. Sharma, who is a first time Councillor and politically belongs to BJP, said that drain works in his Ward is hardly 40-50 per cent complete.
Avoiding a direct blame on paucity of funds he claimed: “Though there are lot of funds available but the works to be done are too many.”
In an exclusive interaction with the Excelsior, Dr. Sharma said that areas in his Ward include Dogra Hall, New Rehari, Old Rehari, Balmiki Colony, Bhim Nagar, areas starting from KC Chowk on BC Road’s right side till Mian Dido Chowk in Ambphalla and then to District Jail Ambphalla.
He claimed that of the total requirement, 90 per cent Street Lights have been provided in his Ward and the damaged ones among these are being repaired normally in routine.
However, some locals of the Ward have claimed that Street Lights in the Ward have been installed selectively and the area adjoining the residence of the Councillor is heavily lit while many localities like Bawa Basti, Dogra Hall etc were badly discriminated.
The Councillor further said that lane work in his Ward is 80 per cent complete while the three Nallahs with one at Dogra Hall and the two at Old Rehari required slab over them for covering which could not be done so far as “the work was more than the available funds”.
“Stray dogs create problems in the Ward as they litter here and there, chase two wheelers and panic the children and elders,” he further said.
The Councillor said that water problem arises in the Ward in summers and water supply pipes have not been replaced for the last 60 years. Though the tenders are floated for these but none of the contractors comes forward due to unfavourable conditions laid in the tenders.
He informed that there is no playground in his Ward while the Community Halls there are only those of Sabhas.
Dr. Sharma said that there are two parks in the Ward of which the one at New Rehari is well maintained with lights, Open Air Gym, fountain, walkers track etc while work on the second one is underway.
“Damaged poles and hanging wires are there in the Ward which have not been corrected so far due to official apathy of the department concerned,” he maintained adding that Smart Meters have been installed in the Ward with little opposition.
The JMC Councillor also said that there is no parking area in his Ward while blacktopping work there is almost complete.
He said that sewerage work in the Ward is 90 per cent complete but blockage in sewerage pipes at certain places frequently causes problems when litter comes out from manholes and spreads on roads and streets thereby leaving problems for the passersby and locals and the blockage is never corrected in time.
Dr. Sharma claimed that there are 33 Safai Karamcharis in his Ward and this strength is sufficient as cleanliness in the Ward is satisfactory.
“Autos moving from door-to-door to collect garbage are doing a good job and now the garbage dumps have become rare in the Ward,” he said.
The JMC Councillor informed that fogging in his Ward is very poor and never done timely and blamed the Health Department for that.
Dr. Sharma informed that cases of thefts involving iron gratings from the drains have been reported from the Ward while drug addicts and peddlers are also very much active there for which the police should take a cognizance.
The Councillor expressed optimism on the officers visiting JMC Wards at present and said that this will definitely prove to be of big help to the Councilors as the officers have to solve the problems within a week.
He said that Nallahs have been cleaned in his Ward and bushes cleared after the visit of these officers.