Skill Development Policy

Development of skills has been the agenda of Union Governments in the past and they moved towards the goals set forth in their industrial policy. However, Prime Minister Modi has given due importance to the development of skills so that it becomes more convenient and meaningful for the skilled manpower in the country to do really productive work. The Minister of State for Skill Development, a newly formed ministry in Modi led regime, has sought collaboration of Germany in imparting training in a variety of skills to selected candidates from India who, in turn, are expected to transmit their knowledge and skill to the wider sections of society. This has been the result of joint Indo-German Protocol signed some time back.
Germany has great reputation in having a strong skilled workforce which India also wants to be building. This is the age of science and technology. Real development means technological development. As such technical and vocational knowledge and skills have attained great importance in contemporary times. We have the largest youth force in the world. More than 65 per cent of our population comprises youth below 35 years of age. This enormous manpower has to be made productive and supportive to country’s economy. Skilled manpower of such magnitude can bring about a great change in the standard of living among our countrymen. It is appreciable that an advanced country like Germany will be cooperating with us in promotion of skills and vocational training and will help us usher in an era of technological advancement. Such protocols should be signed with more countries especially in the Far East because in the Far Eastern countries almost a revolution has taken place in their economies and in industrial production.
But of course we have to take care that those new technologies should not be accepted and adopted at the cost of our indigenous practices and experiences. We need to take care that new skills are compatible with our own life style and basic systems. We are known all over the world for slow absorption of innovations in technological areas. We are not opening a debate on that subject but we need to be cautioned about the negative results of some new invention. The history of India’s transition from medieval to modern has been slow and we are not averse to it because it gives us the space for absorbing the changes without reaction.


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