Skill development

It is encouraging that of late our leadership of all hues has turned its attention on the need of expanding training in various skills for the people in the length and breadth of the country. This has been necessitated by fast increasing number of educated unemployed in the country. No doubt many jobs are available in public and private sector but this is the age of science and technology and it is only a skill that can fetch a job for our youth. The President Pranab Mukerjee has been vehemently stressing upon the youth to acquire skill and perfection in various trades as an asset in life and source of earning. Central and State Governments have been responding to this call and the statistics that are available show that the country is well set to achieve landmark results in this pursuit. The National Skill Development Corporation has developed a capacity of 82 million training with 159 training partners having 1,408 centres in 356 districts in 27 states and five Union territories. This information was conveyed to the Parliament by the Union Minister for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship. In all there are 11,964 industrial training institutes (Government 2,284 and private 9,680) affiliated to National Council for Vocational Training in the country at present.
With massive man power that we have, India is poised to play very important role in providing skilled labour to the entire world but more especially to the labour starved developed countries of the western world. One big reason for phenomenal economic growth of China in shortest possible time is that she could expand skill development programme to a vast population and thus was able to bring about a revolution of sorts in the industrial production that caught the markets of the world. India, too, has to harness that potential and the first step is to have a very large network of technical institutes where millions of youth will receive training in various skills.