Significance of Guru Purnima

This refers to the article ‘The day of reflection and celebration “by Sri Sri Ravishankar ji ,DE.16 July,2019.
The author has very well explained the real meaning and importance of Guru Purnima by quoting religious references .
In our religious texts the status of gurus has remained on super hierarchical level.
Role of a guru is considered as equivalent to a bridge ,connector and a medium who helps in uniting us with supreme power.
But in present times, the role and status of a guru is not of much respect and honour.
The pious bond between guru and his disciples is not of a stable nature. Reasons behind this and degradation is the lack of refined traits in an individual as a guru. Guru Purnima is the special occasion to take blessing and alms from our gurus. But before taking such blessings there is need to chose a perfect guru in life. And one can find perfect guru in life only if he /she becomes a perfect disciple firstly. Now a days people generally choose glamourous personalities as their gurus for some personal interest and for fake publicity. Even the pious festival of Guru Purnima is turning gradually into an event and selfie making opportunity. Such an atrificiality and cheapness on this pious occasion can harm the sanctity and importance of this great day. Peace in mind and soul will only be possible if there is purity in our hearts and thinking.
Shyam Sudan