SIC’s silence

This has reference to article by Raja Muzzafar Bhat “SIC must bring them under RTI ” (DE 6/8/2018). The case in this regard is pending before the J&K State Information Commission (JKSIC) from last more than three years. If JKSIC is making Government officials accountable for not disclosing information under RTI Act and levying penalty on them , who is going to make JK SIC accountable ? JKSIC has failed to adjudicate the complaint regarding declaring political parties as public authorities and bringing them under ambit of Right to Information Act (RTI Act). State Information Commission must speak out whether political parties are public authorities or not. Remaining tight-lipped over this matter makes RTI Commission’s role very suspicious. They cannot target lower rung Govt officers and not at all touch political parties. People have a right to know and Information Commission must come clean on the serious issue. I appeal media to take up this issue seriously and State Information Commission must be questioned for its silence on the issue.
Sajad Hussain Mir
Alamgari Bazar,