Sick X-Ray machine at Bandipora Hospital

A digital X-Ray machine is provided at District Hospital Bandipora in North Kashmir but it is not functioning for the last 25 days resulting in the difficulties faced by the patients. The management of the Hospital cannot ‘manage’ its repairs and putting it to utility , instead is holding the supplier of the stuff responsible. The question is as to who sanctions and authorises purchasing such vital items required for patients’ treatment which are not found of standard quality and terms not incorporated in the indent letter about post sale services.
However, some satisfaction can be derived from the situation that an old and a traditional machine is put into service though its quality of output may not be matching with the ailing machine. A standby arrangement is always required to be kept to minimise the hardships to the patients. We hope, based on the assurance of the Medical Superintendent, Bandipora the machine would be repaired and restored soon to cater to the needy patients visiting the hospital for treatment.


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