Shun ad hoc arrangements as an administrative policy

No one can contest or wholly oppose the right of the Government and the administration to resort to ad hoc measures or which we call, in popular parlance as ‘patch work’ approach, to run the affairs in Government Departments especially in the arrangement of adjusting top hierarchy for a very brief period. To make it a usual and acceptable practice for indefinite period smacks of either poor management of affairs or lending credence to “Chalta Hai” syndrome. The concern against such an approach needs to be not only appreciated but taken as an opportunity to address the problem .
Very crucial and critical decisions need to be taken in time in the public interest by such Heads of the Departments and Administrative Secretaries who are posted in accordance with set procedures on a permanent basis during the usual tenure as they not only feel the same would reflect on their performance and ingenuity but to be a matter of exercising their responsibility towards the public and any authority working on a temporary or ad hoc arrangement would hardly take the risk associated with the permanent post and such cumulative instances cause delays, deferments and even cost overruns of many works , schemes and projects .
We are conscious of the limitations and the difficulties being faced by the Governor’s administration in filling various vacant posts of top bureaucrats and Administrative Secretaries but that does not mean a quasi permanent recourse to ad hoc measures. We need not furnish individual details of Departments or why as many as 14 IAS Officers are holding additional charge of many wings of the government but the situation should be redeemed well before it slipped out of the hands since in the near future, even ad hoc and temporary arrangements are not going to bring about even the elementary results following attaining of superannuation of many officers. Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) for Smart Cities and Mass Rapid Transit Corporations even have not been provided with full time Chief Executive Officers and projects are suffering. It is high time the problem was addressed in a befitting way to rejuvenate the administrative system even at micro levels.