SHRC seeks report

Kindly refer to the news “SHRC seeks report in Pulwama, Budgam incidents” published in DE, 18th April 2017.As reported State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) has taken cognizance of the alleged excessive use of force against the students in Pulwama.SHRC has also sought report from the Police regarding a recent incident where a youth was allegedly tied to a security force vehicle in Budgam. Such action of the security forces to use a person as a shield is a prima- facie gross violation of human rights as observed by the chairperson of SHRC. Such a move of the SHRC must be welcomed by all those individuals or bodies that are fighting for protecting the human rights being violated anywhere in the world. However, it would has been more appropriate if SHRC would have also taken cognizance of the heckling and kicking the CRPF personnel in Kashmir valley shown in video, the mob was  also heard asking them “Go India, Go back” slogans. Despite facing such a humiliation in full public view, no security personnel reacted and were moving forward to complete their assigned task as shown in the video. It shows the maturity and high discipline maintained by them. Have these brave soldiers who are sacrificing their lives for the honour of their mother land no human rights. Have their families who   watched ibid video not felt humiliated before their relatives and fellow countrymen.
Yours etc…….
S.S.Jamwal, New Plots


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