Should disability pension be taxed?

There could be different views on the subject matter both getting influenced by sensitivities and duties towards those who got physically disabled in the line of duty as also why should a fraction of the monthly pension be not sacrificed for the country’s needs. We feel that pension paid whether on superannuation or otherwise after completion of the service tenure , up to a limit should be made tax free, not to speak of those in the armed forces who were getting it on account of being disabled whilst performing duties .
Similarly Army has endorsed and given its acquiesce to tax the disability pension as the facility has been misrepresented and claimed even for life style diseases which could not be allowed. The trend being worrisome as security challenges to the nation are on the rise. Financial gains for disabilities needed to be segregated from those who are invalidated out of service in combat conditions. Unscrupulous personnel should not be allowed to make gains out of disability benefits, is the feelings of the Army as well as the Ministry of Defence.
However veterans have criticised the move of the army to allow disability pension to be taxed. Many former Army personnel have not liked the proposal of the Government. A pragmatic view, however, was needed to be taken in the issue and neither side should take a rigid stand but all must discourage ways to misuse it by misrepresenting and misinterpreting.