Shift Kashmiri detainees

Apropos ‘Shift Kashmiri detainees …….’ (DE June 20) the NC leader and MP from Anantnag Husnain Masoodi has demanded that the “incarcerated Kashmiri youth, who are lodged in prisons in different parts of the country be shifted to Kashmir.” There is sense in this demand but the issue is wrongly debated. He is invoking the”plight of parents whose sons continue to remain out of sight for them for year’s altogether.” He has taken a jib at PM Modi, saying that PM Modi meets his mother in Gandhinagar for reunion on the occasion of 100th birth anniversary of his mother. He means to say that when the 100-year old mother rejoices on re-union with his son, do not the Kashmiri mothers have the right to enjoy the same reunion with their sons.
Of course the mothers of Kashmiri youth are in a pain which has taken the toll of their mental and physical health. They are in agony and the maternal love is unbounded. But we have a question for Mr Masoodi. Where did the maternal love, affection and care for their sons evaporate in thin air when these youth left their homes without informing their parents and crossed the LoC braving all risks of being decimated and then joined the training camps for terrorists in POK, received training for months and returned with arms and washed brains to perpetrate mayhem, arson, loot, murder etc. Back home in Kashmir. Why were their mothers not pained on the path their wards and sons had adopted? Why did not they approach the Government with the pleas that their sons were absconding and should be brought back and clues given to the local police? No, these mothers, in whose wails Masoodi joins his own wails, took all the care that nobody detects their wards joining terrorism and becoming criminals. Masoodi’s plea is misplaced rather as an MP he is accountable for the seditious path adopted by the youth of Kashmir and he and his parity men stand as disinterested spectators.
K N Pandita