SHA’s hospital rankings

Jammu and Kashmir health services were lagging on many counts, limited hospitals, shortage of staff, and equipment were continuous niggles. For decades GMC Jammu was the only saviour hospital of the Jammu Division and a similar role was being played by SMGS, GMC Srinagar and SKIMS for Kashmir Division. Much thought process was put in, taking into account every aspect, two AIIMS were sanctioned and many GMCs also became operational. But the real game changer has been the AB PM-JAY program. Every citizen has been provided medical insurance for a substantial amount. For minor or major surgeries thousands of hospitals have been empanelled. No more long waiting months at Government hospitals even for minor surgeries. This one scheme has transformed the health scenario completely. To give further impetus to healthcare, State Health Agency has started district-wise performance recognition, a much-appreciated step. Every empanelled hospital, public as well as private, has been audited on set parameters, feedback of patients and attendants taken and quality achievement certification rankings have been declared for each district. This has helped in improving public dealing, a more professional approach, more services being provided to patients and a healthy completion among the hospitals. from the patient’s point of view, a clear-cut ready-for-reference performance list is there to decide which hospital to prefer, Government as well as private. The burden on Government hospitals has also been reduced considerably. It is true as expected GMC Jammu and SMGS Hospital in Srinagar have got top rankings but with the upcoming AIIMS, the competition will get tough, a win-win situation for the patients. All these gold/silver/bronze certifications will provide much encouragement to the winners and a source of inspiration for others to improve their performance in the coming year. An overall number one performer certificate of Jammu and Kashmir will further raise the bar of competition, a matter of prestige for every hospital in the fray. All these have a very positive impact, a sense of achievement, recognition of their efforts and a moment of glory.