Shane Pace is a renowned Melbourne based personal trainer who has made a remarkable place for himself in the country with his fitness endeavours. He has taken the fitness industry by a storm, given his training methods which have found a huge follower base in no time. Shane’s commitment, passion and determination towards contributing to transforming people’s lives with the means of his training have brought him to the forefront of the industry. He has been working in the fitness industry for over 12 years and is known for his work with elite athletes, celebrities and people, every day helping them change their physical appearance and improving athlete’s athletic performance. Shane has launched the Be Elite online training platform which has helped thousands of people get into their optimal shape and improve their health and well-being. Not just this, Shane along with three other partners is the owner of the fastest growing group fitness company, Body Fit Training ‘BFT’ in Caroline Springs. He is also a sponsored athlete for Rule1 Proteins.

A large number of global populations have opted for a fit and health-conscious lifestyle and plunged into the online fitness training bandwagon giving a big boost to this trend which is expected to grow shortly. The reason for its growing popularity is that it gives the flexibility to work out at your own time, pace and space making it an attractive proposition. Many fitness trainers and coaches have capitalised on the opportunity and dwelled into the online training space alike Shane, but doing exceptionally well in his field, he is expanding and spreading worldwide. This talented man has used the online resources to reach more people by networking and make create him unique space in the industry as an online fitness trainer with his brand ‘The Be Elit3 online training platform’. Moreover, he even co-hosts shows where he talks with successful entrepreneurs, ex-professional athletes and well-known celebrities.

Shane is a loving father and husband to his two beautiful children and his loving wife. He enjoys spending time with his family as much as he enjoys following his passion of fitness. He has earned great name and recognition for himself in the fitness industry in a short period of time. To know more about Shane Pace, follow him on: