Sexist slurs of Indian politicians

At a time when the entire world is talking about rape and sexual abuse more than ever before our politicians instead of ensuring women’s safety have shown total lack of understanding and sensitivity to the issue and continue to make bizarre statements about women.
People are aghast by the obnoxious statements of Indian politicians, to name only a few,”Ladke ladke hain, galti ho jati hai” “Rapes happen because men and women interact freely “, “Boys and girls should marry early to avoid rape incidents”. These statements have been made by honorable ministers who are supposed to be role models, leaders who people should be looking upto but unfortunately are anything but leaders or role models.This happens because there is no minimum qualifications or character verifications laid down to contest elections to legislative assemblies or parliament but very strict standards for applying even for class four appointments. Moreover, these politicians seem to be above the law and get away with it.
Enough is enough and people should refuse to accept such insult to entire womenhood by these politicians and stand up against them and demand nothing less than sacking and barred from contesting any future elections.Nothing less is going to work.
Col Vikram Bhasin