Senior citizen manhandled in Secretariat

On 11th Nov. I visited Sectt to follow my service related issues pending in the Hr. Education Deptt. Secy of the Deptt. was not in the Sectt. He was in Delhi. After that I went to Chief Secretary Office in an bid to seek appointment with Hon’ble Lt. Governor. There I was given the help of a peon to lead me to the Personal Officer of Lt. Governor in a bid to register my appointment with him. In the ensuing situation one Ganesh Chander from Security side obstructed me to go that room by manhandling me in presence of Nawin Choudhary who was heading towards Chief Secretary’s Room perhaps to attend meeting there. However I can’t understand how I became unimportant and inferior to Mr Nawin Choudhary by sidelining me and give much influence to Nawin Choudhary by sidelining me and giving much importance to Navin Choudhary. I have retired as Principal from GGM Science College and this man securitywalla thought much better by pushing me aside and paving the way to Mr Nawin Choudhary. Immediately in the evening I made it possible even to report to SSP Security Mr Gupta who assured action after seeing the footage of the said incident. Very unfortunate incident to a person of my status by way of position as well as my age as Sr. Citizen.
Prof. A.K. Koul
F-301 Pretty Day appartment
Chowadi Road