Self enlightenment

Optimism is the key to self enlightenment. There is no one in this world whose life is a perfect blend of happiness and peace. Every one has his own tale to tell but still what keeps them going is’ hope’. People with a desire and dream to live a prosperous life hold with in themselves a spark of positivity and goodness which they even spread to others who have same sense of belongingness to such thoughts. On the whole, what makes a person optimistic about some usual and unusal things happening around is the zeal to succeed and a desire to win which keeps one moving ahead. One lives with a hope that good things take time to happen. But only optimism is not enough, there is need to realize that self discipline and self control are extremely important to attain self enlightenment. Reading and writing no doubt enhance intellectual growth but real identification of ones inner self is possible through social and spiritual interactions as well as through self introspection. Thus, self enlightenment helps a person to liberate ones conscience trapped in illusions and generate goodness to gain blessings for a happy and healthy life.
Surekha Bhat