“Self-Belief: A Superpower”

Siddharth Mahajan
@thefitsidd- Insta ID
“Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he is” Beautifully quoted by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, one of the greatest German literature figure. In a simple language Self-Belief is our self-assurance in trusting our abilities, capacities and judgements, the belief that we can accomplish what we set our mind to.
A healthy level of self-belief is required to achieve our goals, both personal and professional. As per research, people with more self-belief tend to achieve high in life. Our goals may vary but we all need fair amount of self- belief and self- confidence even before we begin our journey. It’s something which keeps us on our toes, keeps the fire burning & makes us believe, WE CAN. Especially when the odds are against us and nothing seems to go right, that is the time Self-belief acts like a Super Power. A power we can’t see but feel, a power we can’t touch but ignites us.
By any and all means Self- belief is undoubtedly the strongest trait, a human can ever possess.
Here are some simple yet robust ways to be high on Self- Belief:
Stop Comparing yourself to others
Comparisons are natural, but it isn’t likely to boost our self-belief and confidence. It may even have the opposite effect. A 2020 study found out that people when compared themselves to others experienced envy. The more envy they had, the worst they felt about themselves. Drawing comparison won’t help you build self-belief. If you are competing with anyone it’s just, YOU. And you just need to compare your yesterday with today to be better than you were.
Surround Yourself with Positive People
Take a moment and think about how your friends make you feel.
Do they lift you up or they bring you down? Do they encourage you or discourage you?
Are they constantly judging you or do they accept you for who you are?
The people you spend time with can influence your thoughts and attitude about yourself, perhaps more than you realise. So, pay attention to how others make you feel. If you feel bad after hanging out with a particular person, it may be time to move on.Instead surround with people who love you and want the best out of you. Seek out the ones who influence you in a positive manner and help you build self-belief and confidence.
Take Care of your body
It’s hard to feel good, when you are abusing your body. If you practice self-care, you know you are doing something good for your mind, body and spirit and you’ll naturally feel more confident as a result. Here are few self-care practices linked to higher self-confidence and belief.
Diet: Healthy eating comes with many benefits, including higher levels of self-belief. When you fuel your body with nutrient dense foods, you feel healthier, stronger and more energized, which results in feeling better about yourself.
Exercise: Studies consistently show that physical exercise boosts self-confidence. For instance, a recent study found out regular physical activity improved participants body image. Any when their body image improved they were high on confidence and belief.
Meditation: It helps you in many ways to improve your confidence and self-belief, so one must learn to adopt it.
Sleep: Good quality sleep has been linked with positive personality traits, including optimism and self-esteem. It surely is one of the important aspects, we must follow.
Face your Fears: One of the best ways to build your self-belief is to face your fears head-on. If you’re afraid you’ll embarrass yourself or think that you’re going to mess up, try anyway. Remember, every time we win over a fear, we create a lot of self- belief and self- confidence, enough to take the daily fears and challenges head-on.
Be Kind to yourself:
Self-comparison involves treating yourself with kindness when you make a mistake, fail or experience a set-back. Next time you’re in a challenging situation, recognize that being imperfect or falling short is part of being human. Do your BEST to navigate these experiences with compassion towards yourself.
Practice Self-Positive talk
Negative self-talks can limit your abilities and lessen your confidence by convincing your sub-conscious that you “can’t handle” something or that is “too hard” to try. Rather indulge in self-talk that is optimistic, can help foster self-comparison, overcome self-doubt. The more you indulge in positive self-talk, stronger and mightier you stand in front of yourself and so is the belief
Self-belief, is surely a trait which makes you see the unseen, makes you accomplish the unknown and imparts you strongest of power and that’s why Self- Belief is termed as a super power. Hence, the above points, when followed inculcate a strong sense of self-belief.
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