Selective killings a matter of concern

Satish Singh Manhas
Throughout the day before yesterday, I came across many condemnations, condolences, homage, obituary reference etc, from many people mostly from the political parties, social activists over the killing of a school female principal namely Supinder Kour, a school teacher, Deepak Chand, in Srinagar Kashmir. Social media was totally abuzz. The condemnation trended unimaginably for the first 24 hours. Now it seems gonna from the mind and sight of almost everyone. Same happens every time over every killing. From the last 32 years, I have seen many such killings, even mass killings and am witness to many such dastardly acts. Those who should or are duty bound to provide the solution to this problem; they are also on the forefront to condemn which must be seconded by instant retaliation for a concrete and lasting solution!!
The recent attacks in Srinagar including on a school female principal namely Supinder Kour, a school teacher, Deepak Chand a school teacher , a dhaba owner from Krishna dhabha, a pharmacist Makhan Lal Bindroo, a street vendor Virender Kumar Paswan hailing from outside Jammu and Kashmir, golgape wala, all from minority community who do not have any business with political affairs, policy matters etc. They are not even related to the security of the state or security forces in any manner. But killing after lining up and separating the minority Hindu and Sikh community people from amongst the majority Muslim community is the same trend which the militants had resorted to in 1990’s.
Hasti morh in Kishtwar, a barat near Prem Nagar, Doda another incident of mass killing near Barshalla Thathri, Chapnari killings, Chitisinghpora Sikh massacre and many other instances in erstwhile Doda and Kashmir are the examples. Some from amongst the recently killed were earning their livelihood, other trying to build the nation through education, Supinder Kour was donating her salary for the welfare of poor Muslim students. Adopting others for their upbringing and education. But what in return for this noble professional, a bullet, many bullets and then her bloodshed and shameless killing. None from the minority and from outside is being spared. A noble professional female principal, a Govt school teacher, others providing street food and stalls which everyone from amongst in every society enjoys. But the Pakistan handlers are brute with everyone from the minority. Others like Makhan Lal Bindroo were serving the Kashmiri poor through their medical profession and community help. But all this of no sense and no use to the terrorists from across the border who are hell bent to keep the Kashmir society engulfed in terrorism, poverty, hartals, bands , curfew etc. They are not only the enemies of peace but real enemies of peace loving and progressive Kashmiris, Kashmiriat and Jamhuriat.
But what is more worrisome is the courage the terrorists are mustering and hitting in the hearts of the capital city in Kashmir and in Jammu even in Rajouri recently in a, rarest cowardly attack on a minority community house, the militants did not spare even a two years old master Veersingh who will be remembered as the rarest minor martyrdom in human militancy history. After every killing, we hear widespread condemnation be that the killing of yesteryears, day before yesterday, yesterday, today etc, but does it have any effect on the Pakistan sponsored killers?
But the big question today is, this is not an attack on an individual or a family, rather it is a warning signal for all nationalist forces and minority communities to leave their place or else you will face nothing short of death. Society must take these attacks as an eye opener and prepare itself accordingly. Mere condemnation, hartal, bandh etc won’t be suffice.Because day before yesterday it was Ajay Pandita’s house, yesterday it was Gulam Rasool Dar’s house, today it is Jasbir’s house, tomorrow it will be mine, day after tomorrow yours, then my family’s, your family’s, my friend’s, your friend’s, Supinder Kour, Deepak Chand, Makhan Lal Bindroo, Rehari wala, Dhaba owner, so on and so forth. So every individual, every family will be hit one by one as is going on. Seems just a matter of time. Can the security forces save every individual or guard every inch? Absolutely impossible!!
So how can we save our people from such acts? Just an alert society and its enlightened citizens can be the best answer. How the terrorists reached heart of Rajouri city, Srinagar city unnoticed raises many questions!! In the same manner how terrorists roam in busy Srinagar streets killing a sub inspector of police is a dangerous pointer. Without local civil support, entry in the city is not possible that easily. Moreover generally, unless terrorists get the local backing, their survival is not possible and attack in a crowded city is also not that easy. So the local underground as well as over ground sources are required to be identified, nailed and severely punished to contain any future recurrence. All sources of terrorists are required to be eliminated before the terrorist bullets make further casualties. That will be the only solution. Can a country of 135 crore having 15 lakh strong army, BSF, CRPF, state police etc not afford to hit like the Mossad of a small country like Israel, who track and kill their enemy even before they start to execute their plan? Who to fear our security forces, administration, political leadership?
The martyrdom of the innocent two years old Veer Singh reminded me of an incident in 2017 when the body of a Syrian kid was found floating near a Turkish coastal town in the sea and that had caused a worldwide condemnation and outrage against ISIS. Even international Human rights bodies also came on roads to condemn. But nothing of that sort happened in case of minor Veer Singh and so will be the case of Supinder Kour, a school principal, Deepak Chand a school teacher, a dhaba owner from Krishna dhabha, a pharmacist Makhan Lal Bindroo, a street vendor Virender kumar paswan etc. So, administration, security forces, state and Centre Govt, don’t wait for any human rights condemnation which in any way is not going to happen before it is too late. Go and hit inside the training camps, even before these terrorists dare to cross over this side, or else they will kill as per their choice and place as they have been doing for the last more than 30 years.
A few questions!!! For how many decades will this condemnation go? Does condemnation have any deterrent effect? Is condemnation without providing a solution going to pay? How many killings have been stopped by this condemnation in the last 30 years? When they select, pick, hit and kill is going on, does condemnation have any relevance? Has this condemnation not become a cruel joke in the eyes of perpetrators of terrorism?
Historically what we lost and what we got by being offensive and defensive!! Just a tip:
For being defensive we lost Afghanistan a few hundred years ago, Pakistan and Bangladesh some 75 years ago. We lost to China in 1962; we lost to Pakistan in 1948 as a portion of J&K is still under their illegal occupation etc. Even we lost Tibet which General Zorawar Singh had captured for us to China. For being defensive, India, the Bharat (Akhand Bharat) since time immemorial had paid to lose its territory, culture, people, nation and even civilization.
So for what and how much our condemnation is going to provide justice. If Israel, a nation of 90 lakh population can hit the terrorist camps and their bases and smash them so hard that they do not even dare to stay eye to eye. Leave aside the powerful Russia and US. Why can’t a nation of 136 crores go that way? Whom we fear? This is a big question.