Selection list “not out” even after 13 years

Who provides ammunition to deserving candidates to protest and express indignation when avoidable apparent injustice is meted out to them , except in majority of the cases by an unresponsive administration. There is a glaring such case in Baramulla where eligible candidates had submitted applications in 2006 for various posts of class 4 cadre but till now, fate of those applications is not known, not to speak of releasing and making public the selection list.
This act of the district administration forced the aggrieved candidates stage protest demonstrations in front of the district administration office and even many traders joined them in expressing resentment. What was the fun of conducting several interviews in several phases just for class 4 posts and not deciding about those even after 13 long years?
We trust that mere hollow assurances and promises were not going to resolve the matter and someone in the administration having the designated powers should take the initiative and decide the issue without any further time as most of the candidates by now must have entered the age bar category for which again the onus could come on the district administration.