Security lapse

How can Pakis  dare to dig out tunnel from other side to this side and we here on this side do not come to know about it? Where is our guard , its level of professionalism when similar tunnels dug out by Pakistani terrorists  some time back are already in our knowledge . Agreed we rightly hold the cowardice of Pakistan and its manufactured terror products responsible for attacks on our military installations but the question is what is the level of our guard?
How did they succeed in digging out such a long tunnel without anybody on this side detecting this breach in our security system? Are we so much carefree that a surgical strike once shall break the back bone of Pakistanis? We lost seven very precious lives of our armed forces in the Nagrota attack, not on war front but while in army units . Why should not the Police and other civilian members from the society take upon themselves to coordinate the efforts of the security forces in maintaining strict vigil and caution to thwart such dirty and inhuman acts of the terror country Pakistan ?
Yours etc…..
Channi Himmat