Second dose of vaccination

The Central Government asking states particularly Jammu and Kashmir to focus now on administering the second dose of COVID vaccine to 60 plus population group may be due to factors of certain pockets of areas not showing satisfactory performance looking to the fact that this age group is most vulnerable . The second reason possibly could be about taking safeguard measures looking to the lurking danger of the third wave. Suggestions about saturating the first dose coverage among the 18 plus population quickly, point towards the need to have the cycle of vaccination full, in the age group of 60 plus population. Earmarking doses, earmarking days and earmarking targets to complete the exercise in one age group must be the approach now. As regards the position of stocks of the vaccines, syringes, cold chain points, restricting vaccine wastages like important aspects need to be monitored on day to day basis and any requirement in this regard must be duly requisitioned well in time so that before the existing stocks were exhausted , replenishments reached so that the beneficiaries did not suffer. Needless to add, the administration of first dose of vaccines overall progressively having outpaced the administration of the second dose should be looked into to have it on right dispersal mode viz not losing sight of administering second dose since only then, can one be considered to have been fully vaccinated.