Sculpture of early 9th century found in Kashmir

A sculpture dating back to 9th century or being more than 1200 years old has been found during normal digging in a village Gudsathoo in Budgam Kashmir . This idol of Lord Vishnoo with three heads and four arms having lotus on upper right hand looks as fresh as anything depicting lot about the high levels of dexterity in art and sculpture of the time in Kashmir. Since it is said and rightly believed so that the art is such a strong indestructible entity that never allows truth to die hence this idol can be of a lot of interest to academicians , historians and experts on archaeology and museums .
However, the local people of the village who found the antique and priceless piece deserve to be felicitated in keeping the sanctity of the find in esteem and duly informed the Police which in turn called the officials of the Archives, Archaeology and Museum who opined about the date of the sculpture. The Mother Earth, we know, has in its secured and caring bosom, unlimited treasures of mysteries and achievements as also spoils due to routine historical and natural happenings which are surfacing periodically thus opening new and added chapters of history for us to write and know about. A rare find indeed.