Schemes in limbo

The State Government has been making tall claims of reaching the rural and remote areas of the State but in fact the schemes floated by the Centre for these areas remain in a state of limbo. One such case is that of the prestigious Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) Scheme.
Despite repeated instructions of the Ministry of Rural Development to the State Government to ensure that Ombudsmen should be appointed to monitor the rural employment in each district and social audits be conducted, not much has been done in this direction.
The general impression is that the State Government is unrelenting in making demands from the centre for liberal grants for various schemes and the Centre obliges but the State Government fails to implement these schemes in accordance with the norms set forth by the funding agency. This is very unhealthy phenomenon and should be reversed. More emphasis needs to be given to the implementation part of these schemes.


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