Scandal in Relief Commissioner’s office

A scandal in the office of the Commissioner Relief and Rehabilitation (Migrants) has surfaced involving works worth over Rs. 1 crore.
The modus operandi of the scam has been execution of “works” without inviting tenders and fulfillment of codal formalities. Excelsior has access to the entire information on the subject and a glimpse thereof has been shared with our readers in our edition of August 28.
During the visit of the former Minister of Relief and Rehabilitation and other higher authorities to various “migrant” camps in Jammu and Kashmir valley , “on the spot instructions” are claimed to have been given for undertaking the works as the inhabitants of these camps urged the authorities for works of important nature to be started expeditiously. It, however, does not imply that accepted norms and prevalent procedures were asked to be shelved and set aside and proceed with execution of works without elementary requirement of even inviting tenders for them. Have written orders been issued to this effect and the same being on record to the extent what is claimed as an alibi by the Relief and Rehabilitation Commissioner’s office? Even that stipulation is not tenable being ultra virus of the accepted procedures and norms.
Besides, who ordered release of the payments and who inspected the works certifying the completion and adhering to accepted standard levels of the works executed. Generally, the inhabitants of these camps have always been complaining of sub-standard and low quality of works carried out with impunity in and around their camps , especially Jagti camps.
Since the entire issue smells of lot of black being in the lentil , a high level probe into the entire scandal needs to be immediately ordered to find out the entirety of the scandal , to what extent the bungling has taken place and who were involved to what extent followed by suitable action against all those involved in it.