SBI Card notices ‘Vishing’ fraud attempts, alerts customers

NEW DELHI, Aug 21:  Alarmed over the rise in attempted ‘Vishing’ frauds, SBI Card has alerted customers not to fall prey to fraudulent callers and disclose key information like credit card PIN and passwords.
“Of late, through media reports, our own experience and interactions with other banks in the industry, we have noticed several instances of attempted ‘Vishing’ frauds in the card industry,” it said in a communication to its customers.
A ‘Vishing’ call involves a fraudulent caller posing as an employee from a financial institution/bank/credit card firm, asking for credit card/bank account as well as certain other personal details.
The modus operandi of such calls is to offer you a very attractive discount/gift package/card upgrade/reward redemption offer/credit limit increase and lure you into sharing sensitive card/bank account information.
After procuring details such as CVV, One Time Password, PIN, Internet Account password the fraudsters may attempt fraudulent transactions on your credit card/bank account.
“We at SBI Card never ask for any such sensitive and confidential information like CVV, PIN, One Time Password (OTP) and Internet Login User Id and Password,” the SBI Card stressed.
SBI Card is the third largest credit card provider in the country with 2.86 million customers.
It said that if a customer is suspicious of any call asking him or her to verify such information, please call SBI Card helpline immediately to report the matter.
Recently, outgoing RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan had warned public of fraudulent prize winning e-mails in the name of RBI, saying the central bank does not give money to citizens directly even though it prints currency notes. (PTI)