Say No to Tobacco

This refers to the World No Tobacco Day that was observed throughout the world on May 31.  In order to have a good health we need to eat healthy, feel healthy and above all we should not have any addiction of those products which are harmful to our health. Tobacco is one of those products which is harmful to our health. It is estimated that there are around 1.3 billion tobacco users in the world from which one out of 10 people die due to tobacco use. There is dire need of certain policies which can reduce the uses of tobacco. World Health Organisation (WHO) has banned many advertisements, sponsorships, promotion of tobacco and its products through its strenuous efforts. Tobacco causes short-term and long-term effects such as mouth ulcers, staining of teeth, mouth sores, cavities, senseless tongue, dizziness, cancer, lung diseases, heart diseases, stroke etc. The theme of this year World No Tobacco Day is “Tobacco and heart disease”. The theme focuses on how tobacco affects the health of the heart and other cardiovascular diseases which are the leading cause of death in the world. Truly to celebrate this day one should quit smoking or chewing of tobacco. According to World Health Organisation (WHO) tobacco kills nearly 6 million people worldwide each year. Smoking kills over one million people in India and is the leading cause of the non-communicable diseases. Tobacco is very dangerous for everybody’s health and there is dire need to control it by taking various preventive measures. Tobacco contains nicotine which is very dangerous for the health. World Health Organisation (WHO) has made many things which can be eaten instead of nicotine. Various types of seminars, public debates, marches, health camps, rallies etc. are organised on this day to create awareness among the mass. There is need to create awareness on tobacco among more and more people so that a safe and secure society can be developed.
Yours etc…….
Dr.Banarsi Lal,
KVK, Reasi.