Say it with plants and flowers

Ashok Gupta
If you really want to make your special person happy say it with plants and flowers.Plants and flowers have positive effects on our emotional well being.
Though it is a common sense but we agree more when  some foreign researches confirm this.The society of American florists,partnered with world renowned researchers, Jeannette Haviland- and  Jones of Rutgers University to research  the effect of plants and flowers on human emotions and well being. After over ten months research,some very interesting results were discovered.
Haviland-Jones and her team found that presence of plants and flower triggers happiness,emotions,heightens feeling of life satisfaction and affect behaviour in a positive manner.Plants and flowers are natural and healthier moderates of moods. Here are some main points that  considered from her report and are supported by my 36 plus years of experience in Floriculture.
Main points
* Flowers have immediate impact on happiness:-
Presenting plants and flowers will have immediate effect,you will find smile and  extraordinary delight and gratitude on the face of receiving person and this reaction is immidate and is universal occurring in all age groups.
* Plants and flowers have a long term positive effect on moods
* Depressed anxious and agitated minds get satisfaction, enjoyment and positive effect when they come in contact with flowers.
* Flowers make intimate connections:-Plants and flowers lead to increase in contact with family and friends
*Plants and flowers are symbols of sharing:-
* The study reveals that people who have flower plants in their homes are more calm, satisfied and have welcoming behaviour.
*  During the marriage functions of my children the family decided to present one ornamental plant to each family along with other gifts so that they  remember us when they see those plants growing in their respective houses.
Exactly the same thing happens when we meet with our relatives.  Besides other things they first discuss the condition of those plants which we  had presented them.My family also presented plants to the visiting guests on the party thrown by my family on the retirement day.
With so much stress and depression in today’s world,it’s great to know and observe that something as simple as plant can help to cheer someone.
(The author is former Joint Director Floriculture)