Save Tiger

Kanwaljeet Kour
Global tiger day,often called as International Tiger Day, is celebrated each year on 29thday of July to raise awareness about the dwindling numbers of the biggest of the big cats. The tiger is the largest of the world’s big cats and this magnificent creature, with its distinctive orange and black stripes and beautifully marked face, has a day that is dedicated to it. This day has been created so that people around the world can raise awareness for tiger conservation.
This day was first celebrated in 2010 at Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit in Russia to raise awareness about the decline of wild tigers and the Governments of 13 tiger populated countries had vowed to double the tiger population by 2022.In India Project Tiger was launched in1973 and due to planned efforts under it, at present India has distinction of having maximum number of tigers in the world. The2018country level tiger assessment had shown a 25% increase of tigers i.e.from 2226 in 2014, tiger population has increased to 2967 in 2018.According to World Wildlife Fund (WWF), currentlythere are only around 3900 wild tigers in the worldof them;India with more than 2900 tigers has the highest number. Since the beginning of 20thcentury around 97% of global tiger population has been lost to various activities like:-Poaching and illegal trade-Habitat loss-Climate change-Several diseases-Increasing tourism-Loss of genetic diversity over the years-Lack of protection infrastructure
Tigers are one of world’s most iconic species. They are an ‘Umbrella Species’ as their conservation also conserves many other species in the same area.India is ‘nowone of the biggest and most secure habitats of the tiger’.India counts its tigers once every four years-which is a very arduous task. Tigers are a part of our planets natural heritage; they also have a great cultural and historical significance.So, Protect and Conserve Tigers! Their survival is in our.


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