Save fading Dal Lake

The only treatment to dying and waning Dal Lake, we have seen, is occasional de-weeding and that also has restarted after a gap of over a month which was just like a drop in the bucket looking to the levels of human abuse and neglect this famous lake has been subjected to over years in a row. Known for its pristine clear natural sweet water, this lake is fast running towards becoming a marsh. Nature lovers and environmentalists must raise their pitched voices from whatever platforms they can, to save this pride of Kashmir and one of the famous lakes of the country, or else it would be too late to do anything about the imminent writing of epitaph for it.
The time has come when the Lakes and Waterways Development Authority in tandem with other agencies thought of cleansing this lake beyond by the only de-weeding treatment . Public, in particular House Boat owners, Shikarawalasand others dependent for their livelihood on this lake must come forward to lend support to and exert pressure on the concerned authorities to rid this lake of the encroachments and pollutants and not go on at a snail’s pace with de-weeding activities alone, that also insignificantly.


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