Saudi Arabia: No evidence shows it had a hand in 9/11 attack

NEW YORK, Jan 5:  Saudi Arabia’s lawyers say a judge should reject a New York lawsuit by victims of the September 11 attacks trying to hold the kingdom to blame.
The lawyers said in a Manhattan federal court filing yesterday the plaintiffs lack evidence despite a new law by Congress enabling claims against Saudi Arabia. Other lawsuits against Saudi Arabia were rejected before Congress passed a 2016 law allowing the litigation.
The lawyers wrote that Congress “did not license plaintiffs to proceed against Saudi Arabia without plausible allegations and competent evidence to support their case.” The plaintiffs seek unspecified damages.
Fifteen of 19 men who hijacked four planes in the 2001 attacks were Saudis.
The 9/11 Commission report found “no evidence that the Saudi government as an institution or senior Saudi officials individually funded” the attacks al-Qaida masterminded. (AGENCIES)