Saroo wants SRK to play him if a Hindi remake is made of ‘Lion’

MUMBAI : India-born Australian businessman Saroo Brierley, on whose life Oscar nominated movie “Lion” is made, says superstar Shah Rukh Khan would be the apt choice if ever a Bollywood movie is made on him.
“Lion”, starring Dev Patel and based on Saroo’s book “A Long Way Home”, has received six Oscar nominations at the 89th Academy Awards.
“I am OK for a Bollywood film to be made (on my life). It can be made into a sensational Bollywood masala film. If ever a Hindi film is made, Shah Rukh Khan can do it (my part). Among the actress (to play my love interest) Deepika Padukone or Aishwarya Rai Bachchan or Preity Zinta would be apt,” Saroo said.
But he clarifies that as of now there are no offers from B-Town to make a film so far.
“I am a fan of Hindi films. I have a collection of 300 Hindi films and one of my favourite films is ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’,” added Saroo.
“Lion” is based on the true story of a young Indian boy who gets separated from his brother and mother when he ends up 1,000 miles away from his home, lost at a train station in Kolkata.
He survives many challenges before being adopted by an Australian family and he eventually tracks down his lost family in India via Google maps years later
“There were lots of offers to make a film on my story. There were about 30 production companies who approached me to make a film (based on my life) mostly from the US. But I found this one (‘Lion’). I chose them, because they were from Australia and visited India to understand things in a better way,” Saroo said.
He reveals that he was not involved in casting and scripting process much.
“I have just given some touches to the script, just added some changes,” he adds.
Saroo is happy with the final outcome of the movie but says he did not expect to get the Oscar nomination.
“There are some creative liberties that they have taken, some variations have been made. To make a film in two hours based on your journey so far is not possible, one can’t say everything but it’s good,” he said.
“I had no idea or even thought that the film will be nominated for Oscars. I think people found my story amazing, it has touched more people,” he added.
Helmed by Garth Davis, the movie releases in the country on February 24. The India premiere was held here last night, which was arranged by Jio MAMI Film Club. (AGENCIES)


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