‘Sarkar 3’ not a sequel to ‘Sarkar Raj’: Ram Gopal Verma

NEW DELHI, Mar 2: As he gets ready to showcase the cinegoers, the third edition of his most popular franchise ‘Sarkar ‘, filmmaker Ram Gopal Verma insisted that his latest is not a sequel to ‘Sarkar Raj,’ but an independent venture.
”It is not true to say that ‘Sarkar 3’ is a sequel to ‘Sarkar Raj ‘. From the beginning, I have said that ‘Sarkar ‘ is about adventures in the life of ‘Sarkar’, as Subhash Nagre is popularly called.
”There are so many incidents that will be happening in his life and what happens in this film is one such incident,” Verma said at the launch of the trailer of the film last evening.
”Of course, there will be references to ‘Sarkar Raj ‘ in the film. However, I would say that ‘Sarkar 3’ is an independent story, ” Verma said at the event, attended by superstar Amitabh Bachchan, Jackie Shroff, Yami Gautam, Amit Sadh and producer Rahul Mittra. On Yami Gautam, who has till now played romantic roles, playing a vamp in the film, Verma said, ”Sarkar is full of grey characters.
There is nothing like a hero or a villain. All characters are strongly believing in their own convictions. To describe anyone as negative or positive is not right.” On being part of the Sarkar series, Superstar Amitabh Bachchan said that what intrigued him about the films was the fact that it dealt with the story of a person with power, who is at the same time also a family man.
”I was very intrigued by the life of people who are in power. But it is not easy or transparent as it seems to people outside. While being in a position of power, they are also individuals and human beings who lead a normal life as well. But they are given powers that give them some access to some kinds of actions that decide the lives of millions of people.
”What intrigued me that every powerful person has a family, a home and people who are close to him. No, house can be perfect where there are no differences of opinion among family members. What if this person has an argument with a member of his family over dinner and at that moment he is asked to attend a meeting which is going to decide an issue that affects millions of people. ”Does this argument at the dinner table affect his decision making? This is what intrigued me about the story of Sarkar, ” Mr Bachchan said. The Big B said that before taking up the Sarkar series he had an extensive discussions with Verma. ”What you see in the film is the incorporation of our thoughts and discussions. It is absolutely brilliant that he was able to incorporate all these idea in his films,” Mr Bachchan said. Directed by Verma, Sarkar 3 features Mr Bachchan, along with Rohini Hattangadi, Jackie Shroff, Yami Gautam, Manoj Bajpayee and Amit Sadh. Speaking on the occasion, Jackie Shroff said it was his good fortune to share the screen with Mr Bachchan. ”It was just fun to be standing there in the mist of a mammoth actor like Mr Bachchan and deliver a little, ”he said. ‘Sarkar 3’ will hit cinema screens on April 7. (AGENCIES)


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