Sanctity of DDB decisions

There should be no cosmetic buoyancy at the time of participating in District Development Board meetings, take valuable and much needed decisions but later on not making enough efforts to implement them. Half hearted and fainéant attitude of the related departments have created humps in implementing majority of decisions taken by the District Development Board of Doda one year back. Not only that, what is  perplexing is that no action has been taken on those announcements which were made from this important platform more than three years ago by none other than the then Chief Minister of the State. It is only giving credence to the fears that the decisions taken in such a prestigious institution remain confined only to the papers.
On March 7, 2017 a series of decisions were taken in order to bring significant improvement in certain important sectors and an impression was given that timely action on these decisions would reduce grievances of the people to a large extent. The ground position and  the reality  depict  that nothing of the sort has been done. Construction of new buildings for schools, sub health centers, Primary Health Centers etc during 2017-18 financial year show that  out of these, only four buildings of schools have been constructed and in rest of the cases, the status quo ante is, as usual, prevailing.
As regards creation of irrigation facility for vast chunk of agricultural land, no source of funding has been identified for Rs. 37 crore worth Jodhpur Lift Irrigation Scheme. The project was discussed in DDB meetings during  last several years but no one knows when the work actually begins let alone how fast that would  be completed. Similarly, 50.22 km roads had to be mechandized or blacktopped, mettled, shingled and made fair weather in the district during 2017-18. Only a paltry 30 km are blacktopped. The same is the fate of Skill Development Institute which was to be established in Doda district. Not a single step is taken in this direction.
We urge the authorities to have semblance of respect and have the gumption of lending credibility to the institution of the District Development Board and respect the decisions taken there by implementing them in a reasonable time frame.