Samooh Theatre presents ‘Bobby’

A scene from the play ‘Bobby’.
A scene from the play ‘Bobby’.

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, July 23: Samooh Theatre performed Vijay Tendulkar’s children play Bobby, adapted in English, designed and directed by Ravinder Sharma. The show was sponsored by Lotus Hub Tutorial.
Play Bobby is based on the problems related to nuclear families and working parents. Now-a- days, most of the parents work for securing their children’s future. But due to this they somehow ignore their innocent kids.
Bobby is a girl who used to be alone at home as her parents come back home from their jobs in late hours. There is no companion to play with her, to talk, to share her imaginative thoughts and sweet questions.
On a particular day, bobby came home after school and as usually her parents were not at home, she recalled the incidents encountered in school. Afterwards ancient characters come alive before her and she punishes them the same way she was punished by her teacher at school. Later on the toys in her room also made an attempt to do the same but found themselves unable to kill her loneliness.
After spending a whole day in solitude, she anxiously awaits the arrival of her parents. She misses her mother’s love and father’s warmth. Lack of her parents love plays havoc with her personality and mental growth. She grows up into ruthless individual who goes about bullying and butchering others.
On the whole the play suggests, “To inculcate moral values and ethics in developing brains of growing children is equally important as to earn money for their safe future’.
The actors who participated in the play were Jiniya Gupta as Bobby, Diptaansh Sharma as Birbal, Yuvraj Sharma as Akbar, Paranjay Sharma as Shivaji, Vanshika Sharma as Micky, Awana Dutta as Chand, Drishya Sharma as Gudia 1, Chahana Jain as Gudia 2, Ishan Samotra as Ghoda, Anshul Samotra as Joker, Kavish as Lamb and Tanmay Sharma as Wolf.
The Chorographery was done by Rohit Bains, Music Operated by Rohit Bains, Sound by Lokesh Chander, Make-Up by Aditya Pandita and Shubham Singh, Lights designed by Pankaj Sharma and Sandeep Thakur, Costumes by Pallavi Jamwal, Properties by Diksha Jamwal, Hall Management by Sandeep Manhas, Chetan, Tarun, Abhishek, Neeraj, Vishal, Nikita, Tavleen and Hempreet.


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