RVS iGlobal providing Jammu youth global IT platform

Nishikant Khajuria
Headquartered in London and Network Operation Centre in Jammu, a multi-national IT company by a son of the soil is providing global platform to the local youth at their hometown and scripting a remarkable success story of cross-cultural entrepreneurship with an objective of nurturing talent in Jammu region.
This multinational IT service provider company, christened as RVS iGlobal and conceived by Vikrant Gupta- a young visionary from Jammu, is not only making waves in the global tech industry, but also transforming the lives of local youth here . This unique initiative stands as a testament to how the global and local can converge to foster growth and development in a place like Jammu, which was often overlooked for such ventures.
Started by Vikrant Gupta as an experiment in 2014 with less than half a dozen persons, RVS iGlobal Network Operation Centre in Jammu has now grown into a state of the art corporate office complex having a staff of around 150 IT professionals, HR and supporting teams. Situated at Narwal near Wave Mall, ISO certified RVS iGlobal office complex is having international standard infrastructure, services, facilities and security system.
“We, at RVS iGlobal, work with MSPs and growing organisations as an extension of their own existing help-desk and deliver White Label IT Helpdesk Services looking after their customers and delivering tech support round the clock throughout the year. We also deliver on non-technical requirements of our clients, mostly in US, UK and Europe,” said a senior Executive of RVS iGlobal in Jammu office.
Most of the staff is local and not just from Jammu city but also from Doda, Kishtwar, Rajouri and Kashmir. Besides, a few from Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar are also working here. The staff includes married women and working moms who are maintaining their career without neglecting family life.
According to Samiksha- a young working woman and full time parent, she worked with HCL Infotech Ltd in Delhi for ten years and ultimately left that job because of finding it difficult in juggling between work and personal life. “RVS iGlobal provided me the platform where I get flexible working hours. My residence is nearby and I have nothing to lose while pursuing my professional career,” she told the Excelsior.
The driving force behind this unique success story is Vikrant Gupta, a native of Jammu, who ventured to London with a dream of making a significant impact on the tech industry. Having spent a few years working in London, Vikrant was inspired by his parents to set up his own IT service company with a Jammu office so that educated youth are not forced to go out of their home town in search of suitable jobs and leaving their old parents alone at home.
” It worked out really very well and after nine years of our hard work, we can proudly say that it is a multinational company having operations in Jammu and clientage across the world,” said Vikrant Gupta in a virtual interview with the Excelsior.
Today RVS iGlobal has grown to become a multinational IT company, providing network support and cyber security solutions to Law firms, hotel chains, aeronautic companies and others with a global presence spanning multiple countries, including United States, UK and Europe. The company’s remarkable journey has demonstrated that individuals with determination and a clear vision can overcome challenges and thrive on the international stage.
However, what sets RVS iGlobal apart is its commitment to nurturing local talent in Jammu. The company has its Network Operation Centre in Jammu, providing employment opportunities to local IT professionals. This initiative has been a game-changer for the region in several ways, particularly giving local youth an exposure to cutting-edge technologies, further enhancing their skills and employability.
To provide an opportunity to the aspirants who want to make career in IT, the company conducts recruitment drives and awareness camps in Jammu schools. We require freshers as well as experienced. Mostly we focus on B Tech in computer and the selection process involves three rounds, which include Telephonic interview, communication round and then technical round. If a candidate qualifies these three rounds and meets our basic requirement, we recruit him/her,” said an Executive of RVS iGlobal in Jammu office.
She further informed that main objective of the company is to make IT professionals of Jammu aware and provide them a global level exposure at their home town so that they are not required to go out in search of high end jobs.
As Vikrant Gupta’s roots in Jammu played a crucial role in shaping his vision for the company, he envisioned not only building a successful global enterprise but also giving back to his hometown by providing job opportunities and fostering a vibrant tech ecosystem in Jammu.
“When I was working in London, one day my mother told me that Jammu was slowly becoming an old age home as youngsters were going out for jobs leaving their old parents alone at home. This gave me an idea to provide an opportunity to my Jammu youth as I have had the resource and contacts,” said Mr Gupta and added that he started on October 18, 2014 with a team of only three-four persons, the company is presently having teams of IT and management professionals providing services to global clientage.
“We keep technology of our customers operational and our operational service delivery is hundred percent from Jammu. Besides, we have a corporate team which negotiates with our customers and makes sure their satisfaction with a feedback. All this is also managed from our Jammu office and in this way our local youth is not only getting technical exposure but also management skills to deal with international customers,” he explained.
Significantly, the presence of RVS iGlobal in Jammu is also helping to break the pre-conceived notion about Jammu and Kashmir as a turmoil hit region. According to Vikrant Gupta, they still feel difficulty to convince the international clients that Jammu is not a disturbed area and everything is normal here. “Most importantly when they (clients from abroad) visit here and meet the people, they feel not only satisfied but also elated over the beautiful places and shrines in Jammu,” he added.
Mr Gupta further informed that the company is also going to sponsor a Jammu visit of its US and UK clients and their stay here for at least one week. It is not about work, but showing them what Jammu is. We will take them to the places like R S Pura Border Post, Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine, Mansar etc and give them a feel of Jammu so that when they go back, they can tell their families, colleagues and friends that J&K is not what news tell them about, but much much better than that,” he said.
Talking about his future plans, Vikrant Gupta disclosed that he is targeting to expand the company operations in Jammu with 500 people working in each shift, which means 1500 persons in a single day. Besides, RVS iGlobal is also going to open its office at Gurugram also, he added.
“My dream is that Jammu should come somewhere on global platform and I want others too to believe them and take such initiative so that they may also set an organization like RVS iGlobal in Jammu. It is easy to establish such ventures abroad, but you must do it in Jammu and believe in Jammu,” said Vikrant Gupta.
RVS iGlobal stands as a beacon of hope and opportunity for the local youth in the region. By providing quality jobs, fostering skill development, and encouraging innovation, this initiative is not only empowering the local youth but also serving as a shining example of how individuals with a vision can make a lasting impact on their homeland. RVS iGlobal is a testament to the potential of combining global aspirations with local empowerment and thus paving the way for a brighter future in Jammu.