Russia’s exit from UNHRC

In a thrilling way Russia was suspended from United Nations Human Rights Commission. No doubt the violation of human rights at any corner of the world is not acceptable as we are living in a civilized and cultured world. Every creature especially the humans which are known as the super creation of God has the rights and ambitions to live a peaceful and comfortable life.But the decision taken by United Nations has not gone well with almost half of the world as it was taken in a haste manner. No doubt at present Ukraine is facing lot of troubles due to Russian attack, but in the war it is very difficult to observe the ground reality untill a fair and transparent picture is not available. Generally in war like crisis propaganda works very easily. Without knowing the exact reasons of such kind of genocide we can’t say anything accurately. Before taking such kind of historical decision, if the United Nations adopt the process of a transparent observation with the help of neutral media, then it would be a better way. To expel the world super power nation from such an organisation is not a good gesture for the global community. At present Ukraine condition is just like a scapegoat. All the world’s superpowers are responsible for this conundrum between Russia and Ukraine. All such global organizations including Human Rights Commission need to be strengthened in such a way that every nation gets relief from their working.There is no place of biased and unilateral decision regarding such kind of global issues.
Shyam Sudan
on e-mail