Russian Indian model Evgeniia Belskaia to get featured in a brand new music video

Raj Gupta, a famous film director, has announced the project with this mesmerizing beauty and talent.

It is not an everyday story where individuals and professionals, especially women, get their due or the right kind of opportunities in their chosen sectors and industries of the world. However, today more and more such incredible women are reaching the forefront of almost all industries of the world and showcasing what they are truly capable of achieving in their careers and lives. These women professionals, leaders, businesswomen, artists and others are today known for immersing themselves in their craft and becoming an inspirational success story for other budding women talents worldwide. Serving as one of the finest such talents in the world of modelling and entertainment is a Russian Indian model named Evgeniia Belskaia.

Evgeniia Belskaia is yet again in the headlines, and this time as well, she has bagged another promising project in her kitty. It is no surprise how well she has been winning people’s hearts with her impeccable talents and skills in the industry, and now bagging new projects comes very naturally to her. Raj Gupta, who is a known film director and producer in the Indian entertainment world, recently announced a brand new music video with Evgeniia Belskaia.

Yes, you read that right. Raj Gupta was in search of a new face, and he was constantly finding new people for his projects. This is when he came across this mesmerizing beauty and also saw how excellently she performed in all her previous projects as a model and actor. Raj Gupta will be directing the music video, and it will be made under his own production Maa Entertainment Studio.

Evgeniia Belskaia says that consistently bagging new and exciting projects has added to her confidence as an artist and a model. It has given her new hope and positivity and ignited the fire within her to do more and be more as a model and actress. With this new music video by Raj Gupta, she is excited, to say the least, and is looking forward to learning more on the sets under his guidance as a director.

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