Rural Jammu

This has reference to the article ‘Jammu after 66 years’ DE Aug 11.
The author deserves kudos for highlighting the miseries of people living in remote regions of the State. It is quite dismaying to learn that rural areas are still living a medieval age type life style. It seems nothing has changed for these people even after 66 years of independence. These are people who do not have access to drinking water, good health care and other basic necessities of life. People living without electricity in this age is unbelievable.
Though politicians and Government machinery often terms it as their duty to ameliorate the lot of people, and at times claim that many schemes have been launched for them, but most of the times these claims prove hollow.
Even if we can not provide them these basic things, then how these people are not independent. Rather, they are still shackled in poverty, ignorance and illiterary. The Governments whether at State or Central level have much to do to improve the lot of people living in rural areas.
Yours etc……
Nek Chand