RSS takes out route marches, terms nationalists society bedrock of unity

RSS activists during a programme held in connection with foundation day of Sangh at Jammu on Sunday.
RSS activists during a programme held in connection with foundation day of Sangh at Jammu on Sunday.

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Oct 21: In continuation with celebration of its Foundation Day, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) organized a function of Bahu Bagh Jammu at Zoraver Singh, Park Trikuta Nagar today.
It was presided over by a well known writer, Dr Sudharshan Kumar, Director General (retd) Defense Research Development Organisation (DRDO) and former Special Secretary to Government of India. At the start traditional Shaster Poojan was held by Dr Sudershan Kumar along with Brig (retd) Suchait Singh, Sanghchalk RSS of Jammu Kashmir State and Rupesh Kumar, Prant Prachark Jammu and Kashmir was the main speaker.
While speaking on the occasion, Rupesh Kumar said that it is necessary to fulfill our responsibility towards the new generation to shape their minds with virtues of natural affection, self discretion as well as family and social responsibility. The sincere wish of the Sangh is that all Indians should immerse themselves in the hue of Bharat’s culture ingrained in its ethos. For last 93 years RSS is working in the direction of building an organized Nationalists society which is the bedrock of unity, integrity and sustainable progress of the nation .
Dr Sudershan Kumar while speaking on the occasion laid thrust upon the society to be united and vigilant against the activities of antinational elements raising their head particularly in the State of Jammu and Kashmir.
A full dress route march the ‘Path Sanchalan’ was taken out through Shiva Ji Chowk, Khalsa Chowk Nank Nagar, Link Road, Trikuta Nagar main market and finally culminated at Zorawer Singh Park. The Path Sanchalan was welcomed at various places by the residents with Pushap Varsha.
Another programme of Ragunath Bagh Jammu was held at Ved Mandir Amphalla. Pawan Kumar, Prant Bodhik Pramukh while speaking on the occasion said that RSS has always been at the fore front of national cause. Uniting the society and imbibing it with the spirit of patriotism is being established through its daily Shakhas. Celebrating this day reminds us with inspiration that truth has to always prevail.
Padam Shree Professor Dr Vishav Moorti Ji the Sanskrit Scholar present on the occasion, while expressing his feelings said that Swayamsevaks have to shoulder more responsibility at present as the country is facing more challenges today in respect of preservation of social, cultural and national values.
A full dress route march was also taken out through Panjtirthi, Dhaunthli Bazar, Chowk Chobutra, Jain Bazaar, Raj Tilak Road, Rani Park, Kachi Chawni and culminated back at Ved Mandir. The whole route was thrilled with patriotic songs.