RSS embodies what Vivekananda had dreamt : Dattatreya

RSS leader Dattatreya Hosbale today said the ‘Sangh’ embodied the organisation dreamt by Swami Vivekananda who had called for mobilising the youth of the country and make them disciplined, and resilient in both spiritual and moral aspects.
“RSS manifests in every way the characteristics Swamiji had referred to in his numerous discourses about a value-based organisation, strong on ideals and religiosity and pooling from the youth of the country,” Hosbale, the National Joint General Secretary of RSS, said.
Referring to the famed Chicago speech of the monk, he said “he had asked the west to think more and work less and exhorted his countrymen to dedicate themselves towards works and less philosophising.”
“He could sense the different approaches of people of two regions. He was one representative from ancient Bharat who showed the West the path of mukti, salvation while he appeared as a karmyogi to his own countrymen,” Hosbale said.
Director Chandraprakash Dwivedi said Vivekananda, as a great religious teacher, showed the all-faith, all-embracing, tolerant spirit of Hindu religion that worshipped Mother as the source of all power.
An estimated 12,000 youths took vow as ‘sevaks’ in the camp organised at the sangh meet held on the occasion of 151st birth anniversary of the Monk at Gayeshpur in Nadia district. (PTI)


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