RSS chief on Kashmir

This refers to the news item Soz says Bhagwat was daydreaming etc. (DE Oct 4). According to Soz, the RSS Chief has not understood the people of Kashmir. By people, he means the Muslims whom he gives credit for fighting the Mughals, Pathans, Sikhs and Dogras. Soz’s knowledge of Kashmir is incomplete or he is deliberately avoiding being honest. He does not explain against whom the Kashmiris were fighting or not fighting during the Sultanate of Shahmiris, Baihaqis, Uighurs (Mirza Haider Dughla) and Chaks?
The Kashmiris, of course, fought against the Dogras for freedom, and after removing the Dogra rule, they invited Indians to “rule over them”. Soz himself left the indigenous local political party and joined the national party (Congress) to consolidate the Indian rule over Kashmir. For the last seventy years and more, they are fighting the Indians with arms, ammunition and logistics from Pakistan to liberate themselves from the “Indian yoke” and put the Pakistani yoke on their necks.
As prospects for that appear dim, their self-seeking leaders, after befooling them for three-quarter of a century by playing the religious card, are now looking to China to liberate them. A step further, they have begun to pin full hope in the Taliban of Afghanistan to march in drones all the way to Kashmir where the Kashmiris will play them the host as they had played to the Hizb and many others including Daesh and now IS-K. Soz would better recollect this profound verse of Mirza Ghalib: jata hun thodi dur har ik rahrav ke sath/pahchanta nahinhun abhirahbar komain. Soz has to decide who is frustrated, he or Mohan Bhagwat.
K N Pandita