Rs.3693 cr for roads and bridges

The Union Government has never beenfrugal, much so the present dispensation, in sanctioning liberally funds for infrastructural development of Jammu and Kashmir State. To make the point further clear, it has come up latest with a whooping amount of Rs.3693.49 crore for building 703 roads and a good number of new bridges in Jammu and Kashmir. It would mean yet another substantial turnaround in the development of the State.
These funds have been allocated to the State under PradhanMantri Gram SadakYojna to build 4821.31 kms of roads and 3084 meter bridges in length in the State during the period 2018-19 . Not only these new projects would come up and result in appreciable improvement in infrastructure but would provide employment to hundreds of people directly and indirectly who shall be associated with these projects. Not only new roads would be constructed but existing roads shall be upgraded too.
New technology was going to be used in these projects as per the guidelines of the Union Ministry with a view to infuse the element of longevity and high standard of the construction works. The State has to get at least one sample DPR of each of the new technologies before tendering of works. The State has also to enter into Memorandum of Understanding between NRRDA, technology provider and SRRDA for the roads sanctioned using new materials, accredited materials as per new technology initiatives.
These developmental projects would result in more connectivity between regions and far flung areas of the State and make geographical boundaries as no hurdles as far as mobility was concerned. That in turn, would result in economic prosperity. The    developmental agenda of the State Government would thus get a boost thanks to liberal funding of the Central Government for the State.


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