Road Safety Week

This has reference to the news item’31st National Road Safety Week concludes’ (DE, Jan18, 2020).It is heartening to read that the 31st National Road Safety Week concluded on January 17 this year.During this week, various events such as Medical Camps for the drivers, cultural items, painting competitions etc and rallies were held to motivate the drivers and commuters to observe traffic rules.There is no doubt that thousands of precious lives are lost every year due to road accidents in our country owing to negligent driving.In some cases, the only breadwinner of the family is killed with the result that the members of his family are forced to live a wretched life for ever.The drivers ought to realise that somebody is waiting for them at home and they ought to drive the vehicles responsibly.Thus, there is an urgent need to sensitise the people about the need to observe traffic rules while driving and thus, ensure their safety.The Motor Vehicles Department need to take steps to ensure that traffic rules are observed by one and all.In this connection, The Motor Vehicles Department should work in tandem with Traffic Police and other law enforcement agencies to conduct nakas not only during Road Safety Week but also throughout the year.Drivers of Passanger buses and minibuses violating traffic rules by overspeeding and overloading need to be dealt with sternly.Parking vehicles on roadside, encroaching the roads by shopkeepers, etc should be taken cognizance by these agencies.It must be made mandatory for each buyer to declare that he/she has parking space for his/her vehicle before regisration of a vehicle.Drivers and people in general need to be made aware about the traffic rules and the need to observe them.
In fact, safe driving should become a way of life rather than a compulsion.Drivers, especially the youth need to be sensitized about the need to wear crash helmets while driving two wheelers and seat belts while driving four wheelers.They ought to be made aware that they should avoid rash driving and overspeeding and thus, ensure their own safety.They should avoid using mobile phones while driving,overtaking on curves and driving under the influence of alcohol.They ought to be aware of traffic signs and Highway codes and learn to respect and use them.
All these steps, if implemented in letter and spirit, will help in promoting the habit of road safety in the drivers and pedestrians and thus,go a long way in minimising road accidents.
Ashok Sharma,
Housing Colony,