Rising status of women

This has reference to the editorial ‘First woman CJ of J&K’ (DE, August 14, 2018). History was scripted in J&K on August 11 this year when Justice Geeta Mittal was administered the oath of office as Chief Justice of J&K High Court.She became the first woman Judge to head the J&K High Court and has to her credit, landmark pronouncements made on very important social, sports, labour, commerce and other related issues.There is no doubt that after India got independence on August 15,1947,there has been a significant change in the position of women in India.Women have occupied high positions in India such as President,P.M of India,Speaker of India etc.
There have been a number of women MPs and MLAs who are playing an important role in espousing the cause of the voters they represent in Parliament and State Assemblies.It is matter of great joy that women are coming forward to breach the bastions in every field held by men.They are making their presence felt in every field be it farming,belt forces, judiciary, administration and all other fields.The position of Indian women has changed a lot over the last few decades and they are leaving their mark in spheres by working as train driver, incharge of crematorium, Incharge of jail etc.which hitherto were considered out of bound for women.No male bastion is perhaps left to be breached.No wonder, women these days are CEOs of banks, MNCs, politicians, top ranking officers in Armed Forces, MNCs etc.A large number of women have earned name and fame as actresses, singers,writers/poets, social crusaders etc.All this has been possible due to their sheer will power and hard work and as a result of various welfare measures launched by the Government from time to time for them.
The social, educational empowerment of women can also help them live a dignified life. But alongwith the rise in status, women continue to be molested and gangraped in different parts of our country which is a sad commentary on their plight.People need to change their mindset and learn to respect women because everybody has this gender at their home.The incidents such as Nirbhya incident which shook the whole country and arose mass anger against the culprits should make our head bow in shame as to how cruel and brutal man can be.It is time that we changed our outlook and learned to respect our girls and women and accept the reality that women are, in no way, less efficient and less hardworking than men.The appointment of Justice Geeta Mittal as Chief Justice of J&K High Court amply proves this fact.
Ashok Sharma,