Right education to children

Sukreet Gupta
Nelson Mandela once said that “Education is the most powerful weapon which can transform the whole world”

Since it is the most powerful weapon , so every Parents now a days wanted their child to be powerful in terms of their grades and ranks in their respective classes. Every Parent has put their children into the Mad Race and eventually these poor children stop living their life,
What actually we are doing with our children . What have we made their lives ? We actually made it hell. We made them machines without realizing that we are killing their childhood.
Let us analyse the life of a child of age 10 (Very Tender Age ). He wakes up at around 6 AM and moment he woke up, he starts getting ready for the school because he may have to catch his school bus at 7 AM because we put our children into best possible school which are generally far off from the city and Normally a school bus takes 45 minutes to 1 Hour on an average to reach school because it goes and pick up students from different locations before reaching school . It means on an average 1.5 to 2 hrs daily in School commuting only. As the child leave early towards his school, so he neither eat properly while leaving home nor at school because by the time he gets recess time his food become cold and lost all the nutrition value. You all will be agree to me on this.
Now when child comes home again he takes his food in a hurry because he has to catch another van which is to take him to tuitions and another 1.5 hour required for commuting . So in a day generally a child spends about 4 hrs per day in commuting only sums upto 24 hrs a week and about 1250 hrs in a year. And in 8 yrs of his education starting from Class 5 to Class 12, a child spends around 10000 hrs in commuting only which is equivalent to 14 months which is more than 1 year of his life out of 8 yrs of his education life in transportation which could be otherwise used in constructive activities like singing, dancing, cultivating some hobby or for that matter playing some game.
Now second aspect of his Life : A child leaves his home as early as 7am and reaches his home around 8 pm or some till 9 PM means spending 12-13 hrs outside home . So he hardly gets anytime to sit with grand parents and parents. This is the reason we see less emotional quotient and less moral values in our kids
Further, what Education our children are getting? Why we send them to Big Schools, because we want to have overall development of our children , Isn’t it ? There are roughly 35-40 students in each class and on an average there are 8 to 10 sections of each class which adds up to roughly 300 students in each class. Having so many students in each class the real talent of the child can never be explored, then how the system can ensure the right education to our children.
Is true potential of our child being explored and we are informed about it ? Never! There are all types of activities found in these schools but who choose them? A form is being sent from the school to parents as a formality and we fill it according to choice of our children. In one year he wants to go for skating and then next year he wants to go for football and so on .But don’t you think that there has to be some mechanism in these schools to recognize the true potential of the of the kids and parents to be guided further on it .
Having an interaction with one of the faculty of a reputed school who teaches music and makes them learn instrument playing has confessed that it is difficult to teach 35- 40 students in a class of 45 minutes and that too when minimum 10 minutes is taken by students to move from their respective classes to activity room and back. So, in this scenario how we can one expect that our children will learn and who so ever is doing something extra is learning outside the school. This is the reason why parents send their children to Dancing or Music Institutes and same thing apply to other activities as well.
Now let’s analyze the real thing that is Education.
What is Education? Is covering the syllabus in books education or only taking test and giving marks of the prescribed syllabus is education or making big buildings and providing five star infrastructure to the students is education ?
Answer is no, big no
Education is way beyond this. It has a wider concept. Education is not only teaching books but also giving moral values to the children. Education is making children understand their responsibilities towards Society and Nation.
We all know that every child is unique. There may be some students in the class who are not good in studies but they may be good in other things like dance, drama, storytelling, sports, music etc .So it is the duty of the teachers in the school to find such hidden talents among their students or some mechanism must be there in the schools to explore out the hidden talent of the students specially after 10th class which is very important stage of their life when they have to choose their subjects which is going to be foundation for their next life ahead and after 12th class when they have to chose their career. But hardly any school does this here.
These parameters are never discussed with the respective parents; moreover parents are allowed to meet only on certain set days Parent-Teachers-Meeting which is a day when all the parents are being called and respective parents does not get conducive atmosphere to discuss about their children as every one seems to be in hurry that day and if they want to meet on any other day, it is not easy for them as well because the schools has laid down so many set of protocols for parents on the name of discipline as if they are doing crime asking performance of their child from their respective teachers which abstain them to go on other days. So under all such scenario how we would be able to understand the education needs of our child?
So what we parents should do ?
We all need to understand one thing that we should try to save the time and energy of our children as much as possible. So their School and other classes should be considered judiciously in terms of distance, faculty, study, strength and other basic requirements which help our children to grow in healthy environment. We need to understand that there has to be balance between studies and other activities. This will not only rejuvenate them but also give them positive energy to perform better.
We couldn’t let them go loose and there is a need to keep a check on their deeds from time to time. We should also focus to narrow down the gap between us and our children and maintain cordial relation with them by giving them quality time, so that they share their concern freely with us and whenever they require any help, they find us standing besides them. We need to understand that there are not only two professions vij: Doctor and Engineer, our Children can become Civil Administrator, Advocates, Bankers, Defence Officer Entrepreneurs, Journalists and what not. All we need is to recognize their interest their capabilities and support them for their better future.